May 14, 2006: Pituresque Prophecy

They say after a traumatic event, that you need to give yourself at least a year before you make any major decisions...about your life, relationships, your job, your health...all of it. Even the tattoo artist said to give myself a year.

Koen died March 28th, 2005. This photo was taken a little over a year later on Mother's Day (2006). I was in the process of making some pretty major decisions about many of the above mentioned things.

I posted the photo to just try posting on the blog...and now as I look at it, remembering what I can from that day I'm trying to remember if I knew yet what I was about to do.

Looking across the landscape, appreciating this amazing land we have in Alberta and Canada...the freedoms to explore as we do, the fact that I had survived a terribly trying year after losing my son...and recovering from a relatively recent surgery to remove a malignant tumour from my breast, and only two weeks into the seven weeks of radiation treatment that was prescribed to hopefully rid my body of any remaining cancerous cells.

I'm a girl that loves hindsight. I wear glasses in my current day to day life, and short of corrective surgery in the future I will always require glasses. But my vision when looking back, is always 20/20.

I look at this photo...and all I want to did that girl know what was coming?

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