September 22, 2006 A rare moment, when I'm happy to be completely wrong.


And I can't stop crying every time I tell someone!!

The called at 3:40pm!! Talk about waiting until the 11th hour. Geezus. I had two students at my desk that I was trying to help, the phone rang and I recognized the number as being from our ConEd department. I answered it with some far off hope that MAYBE it was them...but didn't actually expect it.

"Good afternoon, Heidi speaking."

"Hi Heidi, this is Anne Parker calling about the EMT program..."

"Oh my god" I said...and the tears started to well up.

"...I'm just calling to let you know that you have been accepted..."

And I didn't hear the rest because I was just a mess. She must have asked something and I was dead silent (not even breathing on the phone) because I was trying so hard to fight back my tears...and the two students in front of me are like "what the h*** is wrong with her?"

Whatever. Long story short... I'm IN!!

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Chris L said...

CONGRATS!!! I knew you would. Proud of you though!