April 24, 2007 Clinical rotation Day 1.

Ok. Day 1 done. A few good things learned...like remember to have a BLACK ink pen for hospitals...they don't like BLUE. AND good idea to have a RED pen too.

Also...as far as Latex allergies go... if you have a patient who is allergic or sensitive... do not draw drugs through the rubber stopper, but instead remove the top altogether.

And to just another check on the reliability of your pulse oximeter dohickey...palp the pulse on the same wrist as the pulse ox is...and it should be basically the same. If it doesn't match then you know something's off with the machine and of course then you can't rely on the SP02 either.

Hmmm I'm sure there was something else, but I've been up for about 24 hours now and desperately want to crawl in to my bed... but I need to shower first.

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