April 9, 2007 EMT School nearing it's end.

Ok so I'm home and not studying like I should be.

Just thinking about things as usual and I still can't believe this has all flown by so quickly. I really don't know how anyone thinks it's a good idea to send us out there with so little schooling behind us. LOL. People are always asking me if I'd let anyone in my class work on me...

...frankly I wouldn't let ME work on me.

So...as we are preparing (or supposed to be preparing) for our final scenario testing tomorrow (1 medical, 1 trauma, and 3 skill stations) I just want all you folks out there who were so amazingly supportive when I competed for a spot in this program...to cross all your extremities and spare parts, and send all your positive (and educated) thoughts my way...or maybe I'll share and you can send them too all of NAIT EMT students!

And just as I typed that I thought of Kodiac... if ever I had motivation it's because of him... I'll prepare as well as I can tonight to make him proud.

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medicnorth said...

I'm afraid that at my advanced age I HAVE no spare parts to cross, but I'll be thinking about all of you. I have a feeling that you will do extremely well. The students that I have met posting on this board have shown that they are interested, intelligent, and dedicated to the profession they have chosen. You guys and girls go out and kick a** tonight, ok?