July 3, 2007 One long year.

Well folks...here's what I've got for news today.

A year ago this week...I started my EMR course. Today...in approximately 100 minutes I will walk away with my EMT practicum solidly behind me, a practicum book signed off and good to go, heading home with nothing to think about for a little while.

All my calls completed.
All my competencies signed off.
All my hours worked.

Mastabattas is officially finished school...and can now start planning work as an EMR or temp EMT, and soon start preparing for ACoP once again.



Dooger said...

Congrats Heidi! Feels good doesn't it!

medic969 said...

Way to go girl!! Call me and we can do some practice exam stuff, studying and scenarios. Let the others know too that will write at the same time.

admin said...

hahaha... I was going to add a few smilies myself... but I think Chris found every single appropriate one here.

Way to go!!!

squint said...


Time to let your hair down.......? !

canuck_emt said...

congrats Heidi! Guess we might bump into each other in red deer in October for the next write( barring any malfunction in the last 20 shifts and 1 final exam)!

medicnorth said...

Heidi CAN"T let her hair down - I have it!

I bought it at a garage sale, and am holding on to it for a while.

Congratulations, Heidi - we are all proud of you!