September 16, 2006 I doubt it'll be enough.

Well folks it's done!

My scenario and interview were at 1130h today. The final stage for now.

So here's the tale of what transpired!

I arrived and checked in with the gal (Shauna) at about 11:10 am. Turned in my resume which I had just finished updating (oops...that's what happens when you stay at a job for any length of time). I was asked a couple quick questions: Do you have your CPR? (Yeppers...3 times in the last year as it happens). Do you have ACoP? (Nope I am registered - or will be shortly - for the November slot).

The boys who are going to be running the scenario with me (unbeknownst to me as I sat there trying to look calm and relaxed) were sitting just a little over and across from me, waiting until closer to 11:30 to start me. They called my name at 11:23. Introduced themselves (Les, and Chad) and away we went into the simulation room.
Side bar here for a moment. I have walked down this hallway past the "simulation room" only like a million times in the four years that I've worked at NAIT. It's on the way to the gym, to the Second Cup that used to be on campus, and on my route to the mailroom which I do a run to every once in a while when I need to escape the office. So it was actually sorta funny and cool to be IN the simulation room and see what it was. nothing special. But at least I know now LOL
Ok. So I walk in the room and they have the usual gear on the side...board, collar, splints, etc. And of course a dummy (a much better quality one then what we had at CCofEMS) in the middle of the floor. They have their tables set up and no where for me to sit (which is fine, except I was wondering if I would have to stand for the interview too).

So, they tell me to relax, that it's a simple trauma ( that simple test from the night before?), not as rigid as ACoP testing. The goal (so they said) is to see if I remember anything. I asked if that meant no timing on the primary and they concurred that I did not have to worry about being off scene in 10 minutes.

Ok. So the scenario:

20 y/o M assault victim outside the Purple Onion (you'll know if you know Edmonton). Police are on scene and are looking after the small crowd (30 some odd people milling about watching) and all the boys involved in the incident. Pt's girlfriend is sitting with him, mouthing off and Pt's friend is near by "watching his back."

Begin scenario land! All the usual stuff.

Scene is safe.
Fire on its way ETA 1 min.
Bystanders and Pt inform that assault began in the bar when Pt was struck "while minding his own business" by a pool cue. The fight quickly rolled out into the street... 3 on 1.
Pt is supine on the sidewalk.

No angulated Fx, No signs of deadly bleeding.
Manual C-spine in effect.
My intro...blah blah blah.
Head hurts (laceration on lft cheek), chest hurts, lft wrist hurts.
Deep breath good, but sore (ribs) on inhalation.
No loss of consciousness.
Partner takes C-spine.

Pt is A+O x4 although speech is slurred with strong odour of alcohol. It is the Purple Onion after all.
Airway patent
R = 24, Shallow, Laboured
P = 120, Regular, Weak

SPO2 on RA 94% w/ NRB 15lpm 99%

Skin Cool, Pale, Diaphoretic, 36.5
No visible blood loss except lac on face.

Head: Lac on lft cheek (fire to treat), raccoon eyes beginning to show, no other visible/palpable trauma

Neck: Slight JVD, no other visible/palpable trauma

Chest: Lge. contusion across centre of sternum, = expansion, good breath sounds x4

ABD through Legs: 0 visible/palpable trauma, Pedal PMS good

Arms: Lft wrist swollen (fire to splint), Radial PMS good

Back: (after log roll w/ fire) 0 visible/palpable trauma

Full spinal immobilization, load and go…etc.

Reassess LOC's/ABC's: A+O x4, R = 22, otherwise good, P = 90, otherwise good
VS: BGL 6.0, O2 99%, Temp. 36.5, BP 200/82

Sampler, OPQRST: unremarkable

Reassess: no changes

Didn't require me to do secondary either (I arrived at the hospital).

My big arse mistake!! I loaded in Trendelenburg because I'm a moron. Les who was running the scenario had even asked me why when I loaded. I have no idea how I was able to justify it in my head. I'm so embarrassed. I KNOW better.

So then after I've unloaded the Pt. to the Hospital and I'm done the scenario they tell me I can go. I told them that I realized my mistake which they confirmed. Then they said, "But don't worry. It was otherwise a very strong scenario. Good job."

They stressed "strong scenario" a couple time actually. I didn't think it was that strong though. Who knows.

I was back in the hall and in the chair at 11:38 am.

Then I got to wait for my interview. Les and Chad had to discuss me. Then pass their report on to the interview people (different room so no I wouldn't have to stand for it LOL). The four of them were in there for a good 15 minutes.

Then I got called in and it's Leslie (the coordinator who I've spoken to on the phone only just a week ago as part of my 'research') and I think the other woman's name was Amanda but for some reason I'm blanking.

The interview was fine. They asked what sort of research I've done. If I'm aware of the intensity of the program and how it will take up tons of my time. If I'm aware I may need to relocate. If I am okay with the fact that I'd be in a class with kids almost 10 years younger then me. What skills can I bring from my work experience and life experience to a career in EMS. Why should they choose ME for one of the coveted 20 spots. Why have I chosen to pursue a career in EMS. Where do I see myself career wise in the future...etc.

No problems. It was easy to answer because I've totally asked myself those same questions really.

When they asked about the research I've done they acknowledge my phone call with Leslie…Amanda said "I know you've talked with Leslie, she said you had definitely done your research and asked great questions…can you tell me more about how you researched…"

Then of course a chance to ask my questions of them. I ALWAYS go to an interview with questions for them. It's rude not to. So I do...get the big deal.

But I really hope my final question was okay to ask. I told them that regardless of the outcome, I would really be open to any suggestions from them about things I should work on. If I'm accepted, or not...things I can do to improve my chances (even if it's just brushing up on certain things before classes commence in November).

I also commented on the fact that I know I bombed the written but they too stressed that it's how I did against the larger group that matters more. The 'class average' was 74%. Not so promising for me I still don't think. She then added…"the guys said you had a VERY strong scenario…"

So now I wait. Can a scenario and clear passion and initiative as demonstrated with my phone call before and performance in the interview cut it alone? Who knows.

"The 20 accepted candidates will be notified by phone by Friday. If not accepted, you will receive a note in the mail the following week."

So starting Monday, I'll be jumping every time my bloody phone rings!!

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