September 15, 2006 I feel like I've been beaten to a pulp.

Written SUCKED arse. 100 MC questions. Of which...I am confident with 10 of my answers. The rest...ALL guesses.

It was a good quality exam, don't get me wrong. But Holy Firetruck!!

I can't remember what the most difficult question was. But it asked things like normal BP for 8 m/o infant. The technique to prevent gastric distention. Oh and one question I'm still trying to find the answer for: Your Pt has a NRB @ 10lpm and you notice the resevoir is fully collapsed during inhalation...what should you do? The four options include 1. Changing to a Nasal Cannula, 2. Changing to a simple mask, 3. Changing to 15lpm still with NRB or 4. Change it to a different resevoir because there is something wrong with it. And I just got off the phone with my study buddy down in Red Deer for his ACoP exam and apparently they had a pretty identical question to this one on their test too. We chose different answers though.

There was lots of stuff that I knew I could find in my textbook, but that I hadn't look at recently well as stuff I have no recollection of ever hearing or reading ever. I really wish I could remember more of the questions...they were TOUGH. I'm pretty sure there was at least one question which would fall into the EMT scope...but who knows.

A girl I know that was there too tonight, did her EMR at PMA and wasn't overly nervous about the exam...feeling confidant with her base knowledge. She came out shortly behind me and said the same thing: "Tons of questions I didn't know."

As we were standing talking about some of the questions...another guy walks out to his friend who was waiting for him...and says: "That wasn't bad. Not bad at all. Pretty easy."

I know. I need to relax. It's done, nothing I can do about it now.

So they grade the written exams on the bell curve meaning I am marked against the other 60 folks there...and my actually correct answers aren't so important. IF everyone else there (as a whole) was as flabberghasted and stupid as me...then I'm okay. But, if not...then I'm hooped.

Where I rank amongst the group will determine my score for the written.

Tomorrow at 1130h I am scheduled for my ONE scenario and an interview (all to take place within a 1/2 hour time slot). I will be scored on my scenario, and on my interview...and all three scores will be tallied. They will take the top 20 scores.

I was confidant with my scenarios...but now after that written...I'm not so much anymore.

I know I said I have my back up plan if I don't get it. But I don't think I believed it was possible that I wouldn't get in...until tonight.

Back up plan. Take high school Bio and Chem because I never did before (I took Physics). It'll give me a good foundation and understanding and I'll need it for EMT-P eventually anyhow (the Bio at least). Okay...also take a Medical Terminology course for foundation. If I have time and money...take an A&P course after it all... again..jump start for later and certainly not going to hurt.

Focus on my ACoP, get my Class 4 and a professional drivers course under my belt. Volunteer with St. Johns. See about teaching CPR classes or something. Get ride-alongs anywhere I can. Volunteer where I can. If there was local work for EMR's do that.

All perfectly fine for a back up plan.

Thing is...I don't want to do it. I want to GET IN!

But after that exam, I'm not sure I even deserve to get in. What if I don't know enough (that's what it made me feel like anyhow) but somehow get in and because of my lack of knowledge I disgrace myself even more!

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