April 12, 2007 My latest pearl of wisdom.

So I had an enjoyable visit with my friend Emily last night. And while chatting about all sorts of things we realized that we have a common life lesson learned after high school: that all those things you deemed insignificant, not important, not relevant or just plain old stupid/lame/retarded...are probably the most important, useful things you'll ever learn in your entire life. There's even a book titled I think "All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum

Ten years since finishing high school, approaching my 30's a little too quickly, with my supposed years of experience in tow, which should breed wisdom but in fact I know nothing. What I'd like to impart to the world at this point is "All I really know is that the world is just so huge, and I am just a very very small part of it: regardless of what my pant size might say."

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Emily said...

and that damn it, critical thinking skills really are important.