February 16, 2007 Good News Day!!!

Today is a GREAT day!

For starters I had my doctor's appointment which I was extremely panicked for. A call back because of the results of an ultrasound done a couple weeks prior query LLQ fullness. As a breast cancer survivor (a little over six monhts at this point) any call back from tests is a source of fear.

Well I say it's a great day because instead of any concern of cancer I was given the wonderful news that I have gallstones!!! And LOTS of them. Surgery is pending...

The second piece of good news today was the arrival of my ACoP exam results. I PASSED!!!!!!! Barely. 78%. But I don't care. It's a pass. Vanilla Bean cake here I come.

What can I say about my results...

My lowest area is "Core Knowledge". And I'm sitting here and really don't what to say about that. Except...if the patient comes with four choices (A-D) written on his/her chest I will stand a good chance of picking the right answer. But don't ask me to fill in the blank.

I also suck (like Emily) at the diagnostic thing.

BUT clearly I am pure Professionalism and a "SAFETY GIRL".

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Congrats on passing the exams... next up... EMT?