September 20, 2007 The East Day 2

On day 2 of this excursion it has proven to be just what I imagined. I write this as I sit on the rocks which define the area in and around Peggy's Cove staring out from the south shores of Nova Scotia. To my left in the distance is the popular lighthouse (and the tons of tourists milling about). To my right are more rocks and typical vegetation found here indicative of the salty waters. Straight ahead is nothing but water. Out on the horizon if you look closely is the thin soft line of a sail.

Waves hit rocks as the tide moves, a sea spray visible and seaweed beginning to stand tall again. The breeze is soft and cool but moist, the sun is bright and warm. And as I take a deep thoughtful breath in I can smell the salty air I've otherwise only read about. Behind me is the highway - traffic is sparse and most often it's the hum of another tourist bus passing by. The wind carries the sound of a piper which entertains the 'guests' exploring this landmark.

From here I continue to drive along stopping when anything strikes my fancy (and doesn't cost anything). My final stop for the day will be Mahone Bay where there is a Hostel that offers a simple breakfast, clean bed, and showers! It will be my first time ever staying in such a thing as a hostel.

See all the pictures in my photobucket.

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