October 12, 2007 Signs

I have refrained from posting this until after receiving the results from the ACoP exam weekend for fear that I might jinx the outcome. Anyone that knows me knows I see patterns in various events and details. And instead of explaining them as mere coincidence I keep faith that the pattern holds much more meaning.

A quote which I come back to often seems appropriate here once again: "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."

I attempted to study for the weekend of testing countless times in the weeks preceding. But as is typical it was without success. It wasn't until the day before the written exam that I was finally able to concentrate.

Arriviving at Red Deer College
it was heartwarming to reunite with all my classmates. For the brief minutes before heading to our classrooms I felt a rejuvenated confidence that I would be successful. Of course that quickly dissipated when I sat alone in the corner waiting for the exam to commence. Looking around I watched a group of my classmates on the other side as they joked and smiled through the obvious jitters we were all feeling.

In that moment watching them I felt a strong affection towards my comrades. I also felt a maternal desire to see them succeed before myself...hoping that the banana theory was true. I often wonder if they understand that because this is more a spiritual pilgrimage then it is a 'simple' career change for me, that they will hold a significant place in the heart of my memories for being part of it.

As seems to be the tradition we made plans to get together after the exam at the near by Boston Pizza. Many were staying in town at hotels, myself and a friend were staying at a friend's house, and a few were heading back to Edmonton for the night.

My second time writing an EMT exam of 200 questions, I found it easier. The questions were of material I felt familiar with. The choice of answers of course left something to be desired. It is ACoP after all. But unlike the NAIT exam where I was tired by the 130th question, it wasn't until the 180th question that I realized how far I had already gotten. And instead of taking a break like I figured I would need to I pushed through the last 20 questions.

Finally I was done and with that came immense relief. I took the time to make sure I'd answered every question, and that my circles were clear and completely coloured in, and then prepared to hand in my exam and gather my belongings so as to escape the room which was slowly closing in on me.

With my papers handed in, and my identity confirmed I walked to the classroom door glancing towards the group of my classmates who remained. Silently I prayed that they would keep a clear and focused mind as they finished up as well.


One last glance at the clock before leaving the room I was only marginally surprised to see the time. It was 8:24pm: the same time at which I handed in my NAIT exam; the same time I left my practicum site on the last day.

I'm not sure anyone can say it's coincidence any more...

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