September 7, 2007 Hanging with the STARS

Part of NAIT's EMT program includes volunteering as a class at the STARS gala in Spring. As thank you for our participation we are given a ride along at a later date. Mine was today, and I was totally skunked. No calls!

However because of my hard work at the gala, my willingness to stay well past the end when all but one other classmate had left for the night, I have been permitted a rescheduled ride for October.

Even without calls I did have the chance to become familiar with the day to day activity at the STARS base. I was given a tour of the equipment, supplies, station and helicopter. I had plenty of opportunity to chat with the crew about their work there as well as other experiences in EMS and health care. It was as always an educational experience.

I left the base today with many thoughts but it was while discussing the day with a good friend that I was able to understand it all.

There is plenty I will keep to myself but this I will share: I have learned many things from friends, mentors and colleagues, from online discussion forums, and from practicum. After today I feel like those sources were accurate educators on the matter of air ambulance service in Alberta.

I can also say that no matter how I believe things should be in health care, I cannot dispute well executed marketing plans which achieve the goal they are designed for: creating cash flow. There is a part of me that is still an accountant who appreciates a bottom line that stays out of the red.

Then is because of the absence of humanity in such a career that I chose to leave the industry and enter in to one that could be more fulfilling: one that
"makes positive influences on outcomes, with brains, experience, and instinct" (W.M.) essentially...'saving lives'.


chaos culprit said...

To be continued.... you didn't even start!

chaos culprit said...

sounds like you had quite the experiance, even if it was just intelectual... if you want to talk, i'm here too!!